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Featured recent articles

Luthardt, L., Merbitz, M., Rößler, R. (2018). Severe growth disturbances in an early Permian calamitalean – traces of a lightning strike? Palaeontographica B 298 (1-3): 1-22.

Mildenhall, D. C., Conran, J. G., Kennedy, E. M., Lee, D. E., Bannister, J. M., Lindqvist, J. K., Ferguson, D. K. (2018). Palynology of the leat Oligocene-early Miocene Newvale Mine, Gore Lignite Measures, Southland, New Zealand. Palaeontographica B 298 (1-3): 23-91.

Chen Y.-M., X.-N. Yan, Z.-F. He, B. Mao, and Y.-F. Yin, 2018:  Early Miocene angiosperm woods from Sihong in the Jiangsu Province, Eastern China.  IAWA Journal 39(1):125-142.