Minutes of the IOPC Business Meeting, Salvador 2016

International Organisation of Palaeobotany

General Assembly

IOPC X Salvador, Bahai, Brazil

26 October 2016



Call to Order: 10:35

Acceptance of the 2012 Minutes: Approved

A moment of silence for IOP Members lost since 2012 including: Otto Appert, Jean-Pierre Berger, Bill Chaloner, Aureal Cross , Richard Dayvault, Inna Dobruskina, Marina Durante, Chen Fen , Hans Gocht, Leo Hickey, Mi Jiarong, Valentin Krassilov, Dieter Mai, Jono Pais, Natalia Snigirevskaya , Tom Taylor, Alfred Traverse, Sergey Vickulin, and Harald Walther

Presidents Report. President Johanna Eder-Kovar reported.

Secretary Report: We have 294 members, all are current (=less than 2 years in arrears). This is a loss of 166 members from 2012.

The Newsletters continue to go out in March/ June-July/ and September-October.

Treasurer Report: We have a total of $15,432 and 2577 Euros. We spent $10,000 in student travel awards however, all of those funds came from a donation of $10,000 from the Tokyo Delegation.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Executive Council Election Results:

President: Steve Manchester

Secretary/Treasurer: Lutz Kunzmann

Vice Presidents: Ruth Stockey, David Cantrill, Jiri Kvacek

Members at Large: Ignacio Escapa, Marion Bamford, Steven McLoughlin

IOPC XI 2020: We have 2 offers, and both want IOP as well as IOPC.

Jiri Kvacek made a presentation for Prague.

Matthew Pound made a presentation for Newcastle.

After a discussion about the venue, vote was held and Prague won 43 (including 5 mail-in votes) to 14 (including 4 mail-in votes) for Newcastle.

Jenny McElwain presented a request for sponsorship for the 10th European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference. The membership voted to sponsor the meeting, with the possibility of up to $500 in support to be determined by the Executive Council.

The IOPC 2016 Student Travel Awards Selection Committee consisted of Chris Liu, Georgina Del Fueyo, and Leyla Sefula, and of 13 extremely well written submissions, the six winners of the Travel Awards were announced by Georgina del Fueyo:

Chris West: $3000

Karolin Moraweck: $2000

Brian Atkinson: $2000

Andrew Flynn: $1000

Jian Huang: $1000

Meng Han: $1000

Webmaster position:

A round of applause was held for Alan Spencer who did a great job for us as webmaster for many years.

Hongshan Wang has agreed to take on the responsibility on a provisional basis. He will give it a try and see if it will fit into his schedule and current workload. The possibility to separate the website from Paypal was discussed. The possibility to hire a firm to maintain the website was discussed.

A proposal for IOP sponsorship of The Registry of Plant Fossil Names was presented by Jiri Kvacek.

A discussion followed that was centered on how much money IOP could commit to this project.

The General Assembly approved the Executive Council’s motion as follows:

IOP’s support for the Registry of Plant Fossil Names is tabled until IFPS can be consulted. However the Executive Committee provisionally agrees to support the Registry of Plant Fossil Names.

Action items for the General Assembly were discussed such as:

PayPal: Some members have issues with PayPal

Why does IOP exist?

What are the advantages of being a member?

Do we want a face-book page?

Could we support travel to IOP for mid-career members?

Could we increase the student travel awards?

Could we make the awards 1 for each region?

Keep up and remodel the website.

Student rep on EC.

However, actual action was only taken on:

Increasing Regional representative input and involvement by sending newsletter submissions to regional representatives. In addition, Student Regional Representative for each region was voted in as an official position at the discretion of each Regional Representative.

A student ice-breaker at IOPC2020 was proposed.

Teaching support on the website was proposed, but it was pointed out that this already exists.

The meeting was adjourned at: 12:30.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Dunn, IOP Secretary/Treasurer 2012-2016

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