The International Organisation of Palaeobotany promotes international co-operation in the study of all types of plant fossils. We achieve this through the publication of an informative newsletter and organisation of international conferences considering all aspects of palaeobotany. Organisational activities also include collaboration with other international bodies to ensure the continued scientific development of palaeobotany and its further integration within related fields.

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Anderson, Heidi M., and John M. Anderson. "Molteno sphenophytes: Late Triassic biodiversity in southern Africa." (2018).


Cimino, D., et al. 2016: Leaf compressions from the Late Miocene sections of NW Italy: research on an efficient, easy and quick consolidation treatment.  Fossil Imprint.  72(3-4): 172–182.

Denk, T., T.H. Güner, Z. KvaĬćek & J.M. Bouchal 2017: The early Miocene flora of Güvem (Central Anatolia, Turkey): a window into early Neogene vegetation and environments in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Acta Palaeobotanica 57(2): 237–338.

Chen Y.-M., X.-N. Yan, Z.-F. He, B. Mao, and Y.-F. Yin, 2018:  Early Miocene angiosperm woods from Sihong in the Jiangsu Province, Eastern China.  IAWA Journal 39(1):125-142.



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Employment Opportunities


Assistant Professor of Plant Structure and Evolution.  The Department of Environmental and Plant Biology at Ohio University in AthensOhioUSA, seeks an individual for a full-time, tenure-track assistant professor position beginning August 16, 2019.  Duties of this position include teaching, research, advising and mentoring students, and service to the department and/or university.  Primary teaching responsibilities will be three courses per year and include introductory undergraduate-level courses in plant biology and upper-level undergraduate/graduate courses, including Plant Anatomy and Morphology and Plant Evolution. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an outstanding externally-funded research program in plant structure and evolution at the organismal level.  Deadline:  For full consideration, apply by November 4, 2018. Details.


Thomas N. Taylor Assistant Professor/Assistant Curator in Paleobotany.  University of Kansas, USA, invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track academic year joint appointment in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Biodiversity Institute.  The faculty member and curator will conduct collection-based research addressing fundamental questions in the paleobiology, biodiversity, paleoecology, and/or evolutionary biology of pre-Quaternary plant megafossils and/or fossil fungi. Deadline:  Review of applications will begin November 12, 2018 Details.



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