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The International Organisation of Palaeobotany promotes international co-operation in the study of all types of plant fossils. We achieve this through the publication of an informative newsletter and organisation of international conferences considering all aspects of palaeobotany. Organisational activities also include collaboration with other international bodies to ensure the continued scientific development of palaeobotany and its further integration within related fields.


Plant Fossil Names Registry

A database of paleobotanical names, types, works and authors. Use this website to register new plant fossil names and typifications as well as existing ones.

The aim of this database is to fulfill the requirement of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) as stated by Barkworth (et al. 2016), and to accumulate names of earlier described plant fossils serving as a potentially authoritative index of plant fossil names.

The Plant Fossil Names Registry is a database run by the National Museum Prague for the International Organisation of Palaeobotany.

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